We want to create a complex device

  • able to navigate, measure and watch over.
  • made of moduls. Everyone would pick just the part they need.
  • easily configurable by the user via internet browser.
  • with stardard use conectors and protocols = compatible.
  • open source = we provide a complete documentation so that everyone can expand or adjust their device.
  • without licenses, Linux based.
  • standardized and compatible with devices already in use (ChartPlotter, depth sound, anenometer, ...)
  • with the possibility of using Raspberry Pi and such devices.


First prototype


Purpose of the project

We decided for this project because we have personal experience with traveling with boats and caravans. We think that the systems availible on the market today are not modern, they are too expensive and their development has stopped many years ago. We would like to change this and open the option to move forward.


Developed devices and function description

Central unit EVY – basic functionality
  • 6x external NMEA 0183 devices
  • RJ45 connector (Notebook, PC,...)
  • WEB administration
  • otpional Modules for EVY
    • Security module
      • PIR sensor
      • Battery condition 
      • Door / Window magnet
      • Flood sensor
    •   Fire / Smoke sensor
      GAS (LPG) sensor
    • GPS module
    • Weather module (barometer, thermometer, hygrometer)
    • Communication module (WiFi hotspot / 3G/LTE router)
    • Siren
7“ touch screen Chart Plotter
  • Raspberri Pi (base part of touch screen)
  • IP 67 Box (integral of solution)
  • RJ45 connector (Notebook, PC,...)
  • Sea navigation (OpenCPN)
  • Central unit information viewer
  • Administration of Central unit
Repeater – display
  • One display for all information
  • Wire communication
  • Individual settings for each index
  • Very good visibility in the sun (e-ink or OLED)


EVY example connection
with Touch screen, Repeater and optional Modules



Practical use (depending on the moduls)

  • Maritime navigation
  • Weather information (barograph, thermometer, hygrometer)
  • Organized information about the depth, wind and velocity
  • Ability to use own devices instead of standard displays (smartphone/tablet)
  • Individual settings and layout of information on the display
  • Alarm (call/sms/e-mail) in case of detecting motion, opening (window/door), gas leak, fire (smoke), water detection, change of location (GPS), battery status
  • Finding a boat or caravan that has been stolen or sailed / driven away through GPS
  • Acces to internet – hotspot (3G/LTE) via WiFi
  • Wire (LAN) or wireless (WiFi) configuration at the location
  • Remote configuration and information from the detectors via the internet



We use only standard interface for connecting devices. No specialized connectors or communication protocols. Device will have the ability to connect to third party applications.


User-friendly configuration

User-friendly configuration will be possible in the graphic interface depending on the moduls via one of these options:

  • WiFi – web browser in smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC
  • LAN cable (RJ45) – web browser in laptop/PC
  • Touch screen (part of the project)

In case of using the communication modul (3G/LTE) the configuration will be possible from anywhere via the internet. Besides it will be possible to get all the information remotely from all the installed detectors.


Individual extensions

We provide a complete documentation – anyone who wants to connect their own device, create a new modul or add a SW function will have the ability to do so.

Competition on the market

We are aware of some competing products on the market. We know them or we even have personal experience with them. We know that these products have been the same for years or their functions do not adapt to new technologies.

However the development of competing devices usually focuses only on improving technologies already in use. We try to add new technologies to the device so that we create a better usability for the user.



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